Closer to God in the Rain

Sparky playing in the creek after the rain.

Sparky playing in the creek after the rain.

Ever have one of those experiences that you know you’ll remember forever? One of those moments that stays etched in your soul….you can remember the way the air smelled, the taste in your mouth, the color of the leaves on the tree, every detail?

Once upon a time, not that long ago, but long enough that Lisa and Beulah were both still alive, I harnessed all three doggies (Sparky had just moved in) and trotted off across the pasture.  It was a misty fall day. Everything in the pasture was brown and red and the air was wet.

As I started out, I remembered how often as a child I’d want to play in the rain but adults never approved. I thought with a smile, ” I’m a grownup now – I can play in thunderstorms if I want to.” (The wisdom of playing in thunderstorms was addressed a few months later – that’s another blog post.)

As I ran I had some of those profoundly crazy running thoughts I get. I pondered how we’re made up of atoms…and all the stuff around us is made up of atoms…the rain, the ground, the dogs, the bugs….

I wondered what really separates us.

SUDDENLY I had one “THE MOMENT”…the moment of clarity where I knew that NOTHING really separates us. We’re all part of the whole…the dogs and I were all one…running through the rain, jumping over prickly pear, panting and sweating, hearts beating…I felt true oneness….and all around us, holding us all together…well, that was GOD. Big and loving. No judgments, just love.

Off we ran into the rain, one ball of energy wet and shaggy, panting and smelly…held together by love.

Beulah and Lisa

Beulah and Lisa

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