walk1I see so much anger in the world…so much fear and hate.

But that is not a reflection of who we truly are.  We are all beautiful sparks of a Divine Beloved Light.  This is my letter to my friends who are so angry and afraid right now.


THIS…this is not who you are. This anger, fear, hate are not true parts of you.

Remember who you were before the pain of the world hardened you…

Remember when you rescued the fledgling and tried so desperately to save the fragile little creature… you cried real tears when it died…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Remember that time, once upon a time, when you didn’t know what bigotry was and you didn’t notice color…Remember when you didn’t even know there was a difference between girls and boys…and you just accepted people as people.  Remember the time before you knew of borders and boundaries and “us” vs “them.”

Your beautiful heart was so free…unbounded by fear and hate and greed and anger…

BUT that amazingly exquisite unfettered spirit still lives within you…you are a spark of LIGHT and nothing can ever change that. Only fear is the cage that confines.  Break free.  Be the LOVE that YOU ARE!



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