A mind full of hummingbirds . . .

I went in for a routine exam, but my GP wanted to chat. He asked me quite bluntly if I had ever been tested for ADHD. Honestly, I haven’t but it wasn’t the first time it had been suggested. I have no desire to be diagnosed…I don’t want to change the way my brain works. My mind is full of hummingbirds and I never want them to vacate. Those darting thoughts make me who I am. What seems scattered and unproductive is in truth the pollination of glorious flowers of thought.

Several months ago I had my first experience with HapĂ© and Sananga. Despite my mind’s tendency to acrobatic fluttering, my thinking was pinpoint sharp during that spiritual adventure. I can remember everything I saw, felt, and knew with such clarity…and the experience often returns to me.

Today as I walked my “gurus,” I saw gossamers in the trees with golden light reflecting. I remembered sitting among the cedars, looking up at the sun and being enchanted by the spiderwebs glistening. During that flight, I realized that I was at the center of an exquisite spider web…and that web was The Divine. She held me securely and provided me with all that I would need. Passing under the oaks today, I felt that security and love. I was transported a previous place and time…that time among the cedars… and realized that time is/was this time. There is no separation of then and now. There is only “IS.”

That state of mind brought magic this morning. Despite having two free-spirited dogs on leashes, five separate deer approached us. I see whitetail all the time on my walks but they always run away from us. But today they each ran toward us. With the first two I laughed and jokingly assumed they must be rabid…but then the next yearling ran straight up to us from the south and stopped. She looked at me and I could see the glint of light in her brown eyes. The dogs calmly watched as well.

And as we neared the end of the walk, I looked down and found a smoky quartz crystal – a precious gift. I held it in my hand and aloud thanked the Mother – the Web -who holds us all together.

P.S. – after I wrote all this, I decided to look up the meaning of deer approaching. What I found is in perfect keeping with the vision of the Mother Web loving me unconditionally:

 “A deer approaching you is a sign of unconditional love, heart-centered energy, acceptance of self, and inner wisdom. Deer are wild animals, but just like the wildness of love, it can be tamed when trusted. In this way, a deer approaching you represents love that is on fire.

Source: Crystal Clear Intuition, https://crystalclearintuition.com/deer-meaning

All photos on this site are mine unless otherwise noted and copyrighted as such.

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