About Me

Aha…this is the ABOUT ME page….x

When I started this blog I thought I would post something every day. That’s not going to happen unless I fill the pages with random thoughts…trying too hard.

I love my fur-babies. I love running. For the most part I love people but some kinda get under my skin.

I’m basically a happy person, a little high-strung. This year I’m going to start yoga and learn to take better care of myself.  I want to get to know the Divine on a personal level. I’ve spent the past few years going to church and letting a priest be my intermediary. That was the lazy way. Now I want to set out on my own and get to know God one-on-one.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Keep writing!! You are really good and while I’m enjoying myself you sneak up on me with all your wisdom and boom~ I’m forced to look inward and face some often difficult truths. You are helping me to grow and look at the world through a slightly different lens. Thank you!!


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